Original Oil Study Custom Commission-pre order

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Original Oil Study Custom Commission-pre order


For 1 week only (March 4th-10th), I am offering study commissions for only $400 each.

Commission subjects can be either some kind of basic concept (skull, mermaid, Frankenstein's monster, etc), a still or character from a film or your can let me come up with something on my own. Once I have the concept, I will interpret it as a study. Due to the nature of this sale, there will be no approval sketches, etc. It will be left up to me to interpret.

Since this price is so low, commission subjects need to be WITHIN REASON and somewhat within my wheelhouse (ie: I can't paint an epic battle scene with multiple figures on a 5x7" panel for $400). Try to keep them in the figure/monster portrait realm. Having said that, all ideas will be considered! If it's something I don't think I will do a good job at, I will contact you and refund your money. If you are not sure, you can contact me through the contact page in my store.

I'm not sure how long these will take because I am not sure how many orders I will get. But I will try to get them done as soon as possible. If this is for a date specific gift or holiday, please let me know.


When you check out PLEASE INCLUDE A NOTE WITH YOUR COMMISSION IDEA/DESCRIPTION. There is an option during checkout to include a not, so please keep an eye out for that.


5x7" oil on panel

Fits my 5x7" custom frames